More about the Series HIGHWAY TO RICHES

The book series “Highway to Riches

The book “Compounding, the Wizard of Wealth Building” that led you to this website is the first of a series of books titled “Highway to Riches”.

This first volume covers the foundation upon which all vast wealth is created.

This book is also the foundation upon which the second volume of the book series, titled “Tax Drag, the Dragon that eats up your Wealth”, has been developed.

This book has also been the foundation for building the third product in the series, a software program based on Microsoft Excel and titled “Yieldometer”.  It will automatically calculate all the results of investments, including tax and tax drag. It will measure the return or yield of an investment and its numerous derivatives, and hence the name Yield-O-Meter.

The content of both volumes of the book will surprise and fascinate you. They will entice you into taking action to create wealth for yourself, turning it into a delightful sport and hobby. Irrespective of whether you are a middle school drop-out or a Ph. D in mathematics, you will undoubtedly take many gems of knowledge and wisdom from these books, which will serve you well throughout your life. That is a promise!

Each of the books and the software program will make you a wizard in the specific fields covered by each of them.

All three products together, when released, would make you also a wizard of wealth building with formidable intellectual and calculational powers irrespective of your level of education.

You would wish that these books were taught to you earlier in your life in High School or College or at least in the MBA program if you had done one.

Volume II of the book series: “Tax Drag, the Dragon that eats up your Wealth”;

The second volume of the book is all about tax and tax drag and the ways to reduce them. While tax is a visible robber of your wealth, tax drag is the invisible thief that stealthily drains the pockets of all taxpayers on Earth, often draining off 90% or more of your potential lifetime earnings. Yet, hardly anyone knows about it. Volume II of the book series will reveal every aspect of it, and you will probably be dumbfounded.

Because of the importance of tax drag in any wealth-building plan and the relative mathematical complexity of its calculation, it was necessary to devote a separate dedicated volume of the book to that topic.

Though that book is also already written, it is not yet published. However, tax and tax drag are introduced in this first volume, and section 3.4 and chapter 18 of this book are also dedicated to tax drag. Further, tax and tax drag are discussed whenever they are relevant to the topics covered in this book.

Publication of Volume II of the book series can be expected in the 4th quarter of 2021. Only Volume I is available as of June 2021.

Software program “Yieldometer”

While the books will provide you with valuable insight into the powers of compounding to create wealth and show you how to calculate investment results manually using tables and a simple calculator, this software tool will automatically calculate everything that is covered in both volumes of the book, and a lot more. This tool is the easiest, quickest, and best way to analyze and compare various investment options and choose the best one. It was also developed by the author of this book.

As a matter of fact, most of the investment results shown and discussed in both the volumes of the book-series were calculated using Yieldometer.

The software, though already developed, is not yet released. The release can be expected within three months of the publication of this book. However, an introduction to Yieldometer is given in chapter 22 of this book, including some sample screenshots of the results.

Release of Yieldometer can be expected in the 4th quarter of 2021.

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