About the Author

Jacob Sebastian is an engineer, born in India, and a long-time resident and citizen of the Netherlands (EU). His academic credentials include the following:

  • Graduation in Mechanical Engineering (India).
  • Postgraduation in Combustion Technology (IIT Madras, India).
  • Postgraduation in Energy Management (Netherlands).
  • MBA in International Trade and Finance (UK).

He has held senior engineering and management positions with the Government of India, an industrial conglomerate in the Middle East, and the European Division of a USA-based Fortune-500 corporation. Subsequently, he set up and operated his own businesses in software development and real estate development.

Excelling in academic, professional, and business fields, he has received several achievement awards. As chief engineer of a major petrochemical concern in the Netherlands, he has made a significant contribution to environmental protection by achieving a reduction of 300 million kg of CO2 emission through innovation.

His passion for Physics and Mathematics is so deep that he embraced engineering above medical studies when he had a choice with admission granted to both. He has spent much of his life doing calculations varying from engineering projects and budgets for his erstwhile employer companies to project finance for his real estate projects in conformity with investment bankers’ criteria and standards.

The extensive calculations and research he did for this series of books and the software program “Yieldometer” are the latest testimony to his penchant for exploration. Publishing them to propagate the knowledge so distilled over a long period of time is a testimony to his roots in a large family of pioneering educators and teachers.

Jacob Sebastian lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (EU).
He can be reached at:

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