Volume I

The wizard of wealth building

This book, “Compounding, the wizard of wealth building,” is a treasure trove of mathematical secrets that can make you 30x times wealthier in 30 years, 100x times wealthier in 40 years, and 300x times wealthier in 50 years than through the conventional methods of wealth building.

The content is based on mathematical fundamentals and is therefore timeless and eternally valid.

The book is a Global edition, and the content is equally valid and applicable in all countries & currencies.

The book is packed with 70 graphs & tables to enable easy at-a-glance reading.
The HIGHWAY TO RICHES series is an extract of 3 decades of accumulated wisdom and curiosity-driven research by the author.

Discover the mighty secrets of wealth-building:

  • Normal 2-Dimensional arithmetic laws do not apply to the 4-Dimensional world of wealth building.
  • In wealth building, a 1% marginal interest rate can have more value than a 20% nominal interest rate. Learn how you can make use of this knowledge to build your wealth faster and easier.
  • A 20% yield rate can equal 4×10% or more in value. Learn how to use this knowledge to build much more wealth in any given time period.
  • Meet Tax Drag, the wealth-eating and invisible twin brother of Tax. Tax Drag is a financial black hole residing in your bank account. A 20% nominal tax rate can drain 90% of your potential lifetime wealth through Tax Drag. Learn how to safeguard your wealth against them legitimately using invisible mathematical shields, enabling you to have a many-fold higher net worth.
  • Foreign stock markets can be a gold mine that may give you many-fold more returns than your domestic stock market. Learn what change in exchange rates, change in stock prices, and time-period join hands to create the gold mine. Learn to find and dig the gold mines.
  • Become a millionaire with little or no capital to invest. Knowledge capital can more than make up for the lack of financial capital in wealth building. And knowledge capital is littered on every page of this book.
  • Learn what it will take in initial investment, yield rate, and time period to accumulate a net worth of $1 million or $1 Billion. Choose from the a-la-carte menu fitting your personal situation.
  • Discover why investing with borrowed money can be an airlift to the super-wealth. It is the airlift used by all Billionaires to get there.
  • An uncomfortable Truth: The natural flow of water is always from top to bottom, but that of wealth is always from bottom to top, like the upward flow of clouds. Mathematical laws unfailingly ensure that the wealth gap between rich and poor will always grow exponentially in pace with the growth of GDP or national wealth, making it as natural and universal a phenomenon as cyclones necessitating intervention by governments to maintain a safe balance.
  • Learn why tax evaders live in a fool’s paradise as they ultimately lose more money than they saved illegally on taxes. Mathematics comes to play to drain their pockets stealthily. Mathematics becomes the thief of thieves!
  • Learn why the government, as well as the taxpayer, are equal losers with the prevalent annual income tax system and why the deferred tax system is a win-win system for all, including the government.
  • Learn why Fixed Deposit (also known as FD, TD, CD) is not a Ferrari on the highway to riches, but a donkey-cart on a muddy road with which you will never reach your destination of millionairedom in your lifetime.
  • Learn which of the ten investment categories will take you to your target net worth fastest.
  • This book is littered with many more such gems of wisdom that will empower you to become numerous times wealthier than you would without those gems of wisdom.
To many, this book will be worth much more than its own weight in Gold.

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