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Compounding is one of the most fascinating mathematical phenomena that exist, but one that is also least understood by most people because much of its formidable power and many secrets are invisible to most people’s eyes and brains. How fundamental and crucial it is to wealth-building will become apparent to you as you progress through the pages of this book.

When you hear the word compounding, you might be thinking only of compound interest that banks offer to you on your savings deposit and not about the complex world that exists beyond the reach of your eyes, knowledge, and imagination. It is in this hidden world that Millionaires and Billionaires operate and where vast amounts of wealth are being created using the formidable powers and hidden secrets of compounding.

Almost always, all vast personal wealth is created in this complex world of compounding. So also that of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim (Mexico), Mukesh Ambani (India), and Tim Mia (China). They are all virtual auto-couriers on the highway to riches with superfast virtual cars of their own making, and some of them have already passed the milestone marked 100 Billion.

Compounding wealth is the fuel that is propelling them all forward at incredible speeds. Starting with relatively small investments, it is the magic of compounding that made them so fabulously wealthy. It is said that Bill Gates started Microsoft with S1 million that he borrowed from his dad.

I invite you to go with me, through this book, on a short tour to explore and discover the hidden powers of compounding that made so many people so wealthy and learn how you, too, can use those powers to create massive wealth for yourself. At the end of the tour, you will have found the Ferrari and a safe highway that will take you to the riches of your dreams.

During our exploration, you will come across some secrets that may shock you because you had never imagined that they existed or were even possible. When I am talking about shocking secrets, I mean mathematical secrets that are, by definition, irrefutable, infallible, and timeless, remaining valid forever.

Mathematics never changes or lies. Therefore, the derivations, conclusions, and lessons drawn from this book, and this book itself, will remain valid and relevant for all years and ages to come, without an expiry date.